Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Chicago White Sox fans have a well-known and well-worn chip on their shoulder because their team always seems to be second in attention to the Cubs in the Second City. Their team doesn’t have a charming ballpark in a charming neighborhood. It doesn’t have celebrity fans. It doesn’t attract out-of-town tourists. Its long World Series drought hasn’t featured losing in ways bizarre and interesting enough to merit a curse. And it certainly doesn’t get a fair shake at media attention, as Chicago mayor — and Sox season-ticket holder — Richard M. Daley will tell you.

But the South Side team’s first appearance in a World Series in 46 years — heck, Chicago baseball’s first Series appearance in 46 years — has a way of drawing a little attention to your team. That attention comes with some risk. White Sox fans deep in celebrating their American League championship probably don’t realize this yet, but the Sox’s success is threatening to make their favorite team something it’s never been — trendy.
cork slam.
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