Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Press Release. Source: Allixon International Inc.

Allixon International Corporation Signs
Educational-Industrial Cooperation Agreement with Research Center
for Logistics Information Technology (LIT) of Pusan National University
Monday October 17, 10:36 am ET

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) - Allixon International Corporation
(Other OTC:AXCP.PK - News) has signed an Educational-Industrial
cooperation agreement with Logistics Information Technology
to further enhance RFID business in the Korean and global RFID markets.
LIT is the Korean national project for developing the next generation
of logistics information technology. LIT is a joint initiative
of Pusan National University, Dong-A University
and Pukyong National University. LIT is funded by the Korean Ministry
of Education and Human Resources Development, for the 2004-2013 period.
The annual budget of LIT is US$3,000,000. Today, LIT is in partnership
with more than 15 corporations and government agencies.

Its has four major research topics: Future Distributed Computing Technologies
for Logistics, Mobile Technologies for IT-based Logistics
in Ubiquitous Network Environments, Intelligent Logistics System Technology
and Advanced Technologies for Automated Container Terminals. In these topics,
Allixon will join in the first topic, Future Distributed Computing Technologies
for Logistics, to develop a smart RFID middleware to support passive tags
and active tags together.

Allixon will focus on developing four basic technologies as follows:
a technique for location tracking of logistics using GPS/RFID,
middleware technology for the control and management of readers
for next-generation logistic tags, distributed platform structures
and middleware technologies for logistics information network,
and semantic-based integrated management of logistics resources
and adaptive authentication software technologies.

LIT, in conjunction with SUN Microsystems RFID Test Center
at Pusan National University, has been established to support companies
which are going to observe the RFID application plans.
The SUN Microsystems RFID Test Center at Pusan National University
has been built based on RFID Test Center in Dallas, but modified
to suit the Korean environments. Allixon will also join this
SUN Microsystems RFID Test Center to use it as an excellent test bed
for the many companies which want to engraft RFID technologies
to their business.

About Allixon International Corporation
Allixon is a leading provider of RFID middleware and mobile Internet solutions
for device computing. Allixon combines its products, expertise, partnerships
and integration capability into solutions for a wide range
of device computing applications, including RFID middleware
and m-banking solution. Allixon's products based on ubiquitous technologies
direct companies looking to tap into the wealth of data captured
by networked devices such as RFID readers or handhelds to extend
the quality of information to any device where they want.


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