Monday, October 17, 2005

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Sure, one python ate a Miami Gardens kitty, an 18-pounder, last week. Yes, a few days later, another python gobbled a turkey in Southwest Miami-Dade then got stuck in a fence, too engorged to escape.

But the Venom One team finds pythons every week, almost every day, in the tropical urban backyards and swampy suburban lowlands of Miami-Dade County. This week alone, they picked up five pythons.

"I guess the snake that ate the alligator was the first domino," sighed Lt. Charles Seifert, a snake enthusiast who was a firefighter with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue before transferring to the department's special unit.

Ah yes, who could forget that story, or the graphic photo that accompanied it? It was all the rage on the Internet, a death match in the Everglades, two super-predators battling it out in a steamy swamp. The fight yielded no living winner: the snake split open after completely swallowing the 6-foot gator.

Three python incidents, all in South Florida, all in the span of 10 days.

It begs the question: What the heck is going on?
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