Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dagny's free DVD & Special Offer

Hello jacob

I would to tell you about this months Free DVD from the online store and this months special offer!

I just put up a New DVD of the month and the DVD will be shipped to you for free upon rejoining the website (if you choose to accept the DVD, it is optional)

This months Free DVD: is Weekend at Dagny's Sophea [ ]


This months Special offer: If you are not interested in the DVD I would like to give you the opportunity to join the site at 2004's pricing. Since you have been a member in the past you qualify to come back to the site for $18.00 a month instead of our new rate of $25.00. This rate will be good for as long as you subscribe to the site. These special subscription pages will only be available for a LIMITED TIME... I have set up a special join page and it is located here:

To subscribe for $18 by credit card:

To subscribe for $18 by Online Check:

Please write to say hi or if you have any questions. You can reply to this email to speak to me directly

The site has really undergone some major changes and we have added a new Feature titled "Members Rewards" where you will get a free DVD every month Just for being a Member, you can find out more about this program at this link:

Also if you are not interested in the DVD but would like to see the new site please drop by. The DVD is optional and will not be sent to you unless you accept it at the time of joining. Also I'm very sorry if I have bothered you, I rarely send members unsolicited email and I have only done so to you because you selected okay to receiving email from the site at the time of your last joining. If you wish not to receive emails from me any longer please reply to remove.

LoVe Dagny


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