Sunday, October 16, 2005

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Here's a shocker. I'm not all that worried about bird flu. There's no evidence, not yet anyway, that it is going to spread to humans. Even if it did, it probably could be contained. And people are fairly healthy these days.

Anyway, just who or what is pushing us to panic? Just go on Google and you'll see. The usual suspects. The United Nations The World Health Organization. It's just like the weather channel. There's always a crisis. I remember when SARS was going to sweep the world.

OK, I'm not worried about bird flu. But I am worried about the hysteria surrounding it - which is being whipped up by these world bodies.

And therefore, knowing how things work, I'm concerned about what is being done to "combat" it. We carried an article on that today, here at FMNN, and I find myself agreeing with much of it. It begins as follows, "Little known but much too broad, Project Bioshield is a $5.6 billion program President Bush signed into law in July 2004 that would apparently strip U.S. citizens of any recourse in the event that the feds decide on certain health-care remedies. These would presumably include the mandatory application of unproven vaccines to counter real or perceived health threats worldwide."

Now I wasn't entirely familiar with Project Bioshield, but if the President did sign it into law, it's just one more thing he's done I disagree with. It's obvious Bush has major disasters on his mind. He's been worried about an attack from one of those pocket nukes, and now he's worred about bird flu.

He doesn't read very much, but he recently made a point of mentioning he'd read a book about bird flu - just as he makes a point about mentioning martial law almost every time he gives a press conference these days. Congressman Ron Paul is right. He's got martial law on the brain. And more than that, it turns out that he's probably got a number of military laboratories mixing up batches of bird flu right now! Not to spread of course, but as vaccines.
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