Saturday, October 15, 2005

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The two front-runners in the presidential race from these results are Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf with 24.6 percent from George Weah at 21.2 percent, National Elections Commission chief Frances Johnson-Morris told a news conference.

She stressed these were early and partial results and called for patience, saying the final national results would take between three and seven days.

If Johnson-Sirleaf wins, she would become Africa's first elected female president.

As U.N. helicopters and jeeps collected ballot boxes from across Liberia, groups of excited residents clustered around radio sets in Monrovia's shops and coffee houses to hear reports of early voting tallies.

"It's like a see-saw. Some places it's Ellen, some places it's Weah, but in Monrovia George seems to be in the driving seat," said Martin Kromah, 33, a cellphone repairman.
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